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Chinese Pocket Watch

WOW! Qing Dynasty Bovet Fleurier Silver&Enamel Erotic Chinese Duplex watch,c1870


Antique 18k gold&Erotic enamel Juvenia CHRONOMETER watch for Chinese market,1900


UNIQUE Chinese Qing Dynasty silver&Enamel Verge Fusee pocket watch by F.Kuner


UNIQUE Chinese Qing Dynasty era Hebdomas 8 Day fancy enamel pocket watch.c1900


Unusual antique Japy Freres Digital Hours pocket watch for Chinese market c1890s


Qing Dynasty Chinese Duplex Guinand silver pocket watch.Fancy enamel dial.掛表 挂表


MUSEUM Qing Dynasty Chinese silver&enamel pocket watch c1850s by Tobias


MUSEUM antique Chinese Qing Dynasty 18k gold&enamel watch by Royal Exchange


Qing Dynasty Chinese silver& enamel, Mock pendulum automaton Bovet watch


UNIQUE Qing Dynasty Juvet Chinese Duplex silver& enamel pocket watch 1850s


UNIQUE Qing Dynasty Chinese Verge Fusee pair case silver pocket watch c1804


Antique silver&enamel pocket watch for Chinese market.Fancy skeleton movement


Rare antique Chinese Qing Dynasty 18k gold&enamel Fusee Chain pocket watch 怀表.


Chinese Qing Dynasty 14k gold & enamel "International Watch Co" pocket watch.金怀表


Chinese Qing Dynasty 18k gild&Pearls Breguet Skeleton Verge pocket watch.金怀表


Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty 18k gold&enamel Fusee chain pocket watch 怀表.RARE


Silver&enamel Longines "Extra quality" watch 掛表 挂表.For Chinese Emperor Pu Yi


Marked China Old Natural crystal Carving Chinese Zodiac Pocket Watch ZAO


2.5 inch / Works CHINESE vintage BRASS GLASS pocket watch BALL clock lj175




Chinese style vint (with blue white dragon chasing pearl) quartz pocket watch


CHINA post-1900 Chinese Pocket Watch Chain 怀表


Collection Chinese copper carved people Mechanical Pocket Watch Chain watch


antique The ancient Chinese beauty picture of pocket watch.


antique A beautiful picture pocket watch made of ancient Chinese brass.


Chinese Old copper handwork chrysanthemum bird Pocket watch


Collection Chinese pure copper Cloisonne Mechanical Pocket Watch Chain watch




inch / Works CHINESE vintage BRASS GLASS pocket watch BALL clock


Chinese ancient old pocket watch- pendant necklace~Pocket Watch M61


Chinese bronze carve Mao Zedong birthday commemorate pocket watch wrist watch


Rare chinese old copper Handcarved flower statue Machinery pocket watch gift


Yin Yang Clip on Leather Fob Pocket Watch Ideal Chinese Gift 406


Works CHINESE vintage BRASS GLASS pocket watch BALL clock


Chinese bronze sculptures can use mechanical steam train old pocket watch


Chinese sculpture mechanical an pocket watch gear lid N0005


Chinese Old copper Gossip Zodiac Clock Pocket watch compass Home decoration


Yin Yang Pocket Watch Gift Boxed FREE ENGRAVING Chinese Gift 406


Chinese Old copper handwork flowers Decorative Pocket watch